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Ubha Vitewari

A unique  play of  live song, rhythm and storytelling.

The diverse voices of the Varkari Sampradaya including Nivrutti, Tukarama, Namdev, Eknath, Janabai, Chokhamela, Soyrabai and Dnyaneshwar are evoked via the standing image of Vitthal whose body transforms into the poets imagination of him as mother, child, lover, friend,  the all-encompassing colour around us and within each one of us.


Conceived and choreographed by Sanjukta Wagh in collaboration with Hindustani vocalist Makrand Deshpande and  Karnatic percussionist Satish Krishnamoorthy on the Ghatam, Kanjeera and Mridanga.

(Premiere: 2013)

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