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the beej school of kathak

an integrated and eclectic approach to traditional dance training and performance.



Rooted in the language and grammar of the Indian classical, especially that of kathak and hindustani music­, the beej school of kathak believes that the careful nurturing and embodiment of the wisdom inherent in traditional knowlege systems leads, at once, towards an empowered sense of rootedness and infinite possibilities of contemporary expression.



"what is precision without love?" 


Along with the discipline and rigour that is intrinsic to the embodiment of a classical dance form, each beej dancer is encouraged to explore, unlock and understand their unique potential.


We believe in the interdisciplinary approach as something that inculcates creativity and openness in the artistic process. Our consistent engagement with yoga, body alignment, breath, poetry, Hindustani and other forms of music and dance, theatre, choreology, visual art and architecture have led to numerous findings which we use as pedagogical tools in the classroom.


The magic of unpredictability and play is ingrained in the very aesthetics of the Kathak form. So we are constantly at play as we work with students in class.

beej school of Kathak hosts:

  • Samarpan - Festival with performances by all the students of beej and workshops for them.

  • beej Bhaitak - Traditional Kathak performances by senior students

  • Arts Camp - Week long interdisciplinary workshops for students

  • beej Annual assessments - Every year beej conducts oral, written and performance based examinations

We facilitate outreach programs in schools and colleges in the form of performances, workshops, seminars and lectures.

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