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The Ant that Swallowed the Sun

Exploring women’s voices that have resonated across centuries

This piece interprets the works of five women poets across languages and timescapes through rhythms and ragas of 5. The ulat bani of Muktabai, extracts of the terigatha by

Bhadda Kundalakesa, excerpts of Andal and poems of Kabita Sinha and Arundhathi Subramaniam.

Through music, dance and words , the five plays out in both familiar and surprising ways. 

Performed and developed by Sanjukta Wagh, Shruthi Vishwanath Hitesh Dhutia, Vinayak Netka

Choreography: Sanjukta Wagh

Vocals: Shruthi Vishwanath

Tabla: Vinayak Netke

Guitar: Hitesh Dhutia

Photo Credits: Girish 

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