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Rage and Beyond: Irawati's Gandhari

A dance theatre presentation.

Rage and Beyond: Irawati’s Gandhari is a retelling of the MAHABHARATA, from the viewpoint of Gandhari, the blindfolded queen. It is inspired by Yuganta: The End of an Epoch, the one of the first contemporary interpretations of the Mahabharata by woman anthropologist Irawati Karve.

Conceptualized and scripted by Sanjukta Wagh

in collaboration with sociologist Gita Chadha 

Choreography and Direction: Sanjukta Wagh

Music Composition: Hitesh Dhutia

Light Design: Deepa Dharmadhikari

 ( Premiere 2014)


Sanjukta Wagh-Winner of Best Actress Lead META 2015

Hitesh Dhutia-Winner of Most Innovative Sound META 2015 

Rage and Beyond has received critical applause across the country and abroad at festivals like World Music Institute's Dancing the Gods festival, New York and Southbank Centre's Alchemy festival, London. 


“Sanjukta's Gandhari, a spoken narrative accompanied by dance and Hitesh Dhutia's sympathetic guitar, was full of high emotion…Sanjukta Wagh is, unarguably, a superb dancer -Shanta Gokhale (Mumbai Mirror)


“Sanjukta is a compelling performer, using theatre, Kathak, silence, visual projection and acoustic guitar to tell the story of Gandhari…” - Anita Ratnam, (Narthaki)  -

“Ms. Wagh is an absorbing artist whose performance entranced us for the full hour and a half... We had a fascinating glimpse into another culture and an exposure to a work that left us feeling both enlightened and entertained.”

-Voce de Meche, New York -

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