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JHEENI is a multilingual sonic and spatial weave that explores voices of Bhakti poets across cultures: Kabir, the weaver, Janabai, the house-maid, Ambigara Chowdaiyya, the ferryman, and Chokhamela the labourer in music, theatre and dance. The poets' words come alive in conversation with contemporary poet Arundhahi Subramaniam in a series of structured rhythmic and melodic improvisation with vocals, tabla, guitars and ghungroos, dance and storytelling.Jheeni has received critical acclaim at festivals across India.


Performed and developed by 

Sanjukta Wagh

Shruthi Vishwanath

Hitesh Dhutia

Vinayak Netke

Light design - Deepa Dharmadhikari


“Passion and profundity fuse in a performance that’s both instinctive and intellectual” - Shanta Gokhale (Mumbai and Pune Mirror) -

‘Jheeni,’..., visualising Kabir’s dohas and verses by Janabai and Chokamela with poems of Arundathi Subramaniam was a rich tapestry of music and dance where, true to the Nirguna and Saguna ideas of the poems, all classifications and genres of music and dance disappeared and all that was felt was an wholesome experience of the sublime — ‘Ananda.’

V.V Ramani  ( the Friday Review, The Hindu) -

“The vigour, gut involvement and passion of beej, an interdisciplinary initiative based in Mumbai, offering creative verbal and non-verbaltranslations in an interactive multitude of art languages, of poetry exploring the inner voice ... has to be experienced to be believed…” - Leela Venkatraman ( -

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