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Cross Cultural Conversations 

Cross-Cultural Conversations is an inquiry into making, losing, finding, and reconfiguring artistic and individual identities, complexities of belonging and not belonging to two or more cultures or practices, the  east-west divide, power equations, appropriation, artistic practice, and audience building.  

In Conversation with Ileana Citaristi, Vidhya Subramanian, Amrita Lahiri and Gauri Tripathi


The beej garage and Ankh hosted Cross-cultural Conversations on November 7, 2019, with Ileana Citaristi, Vidhya Subramanian, Gauri Sharma Tripathi, and Amrita Lahiri. They have all been experienced and grown in more than one country and have grappled with the question of defining themselves as practitioners of Indian Classical Dance. In this conversation, they reflect questions of identity and struggles that they have had as students, dancers, choreographers, and teachers.

Watch the discussion here 

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