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beej workshops by founder Sanjukta Wagh 

beej workshops by facilitator Sanjukta Wagh are exploratory and draw from her training and research across disciplines such as Kathak, Contemporary dance, Theatre, Hindustani Music, Literature, Navarasa sadhana, Choreological studies, yoga and tai chi. She has been a pioneering researcher in Improvisation as studio based practice and has developed several tools of improvisation drawing from taala- raga explorations and a study of bhakti literatures across Indian Languages.

Workshops can be designed to fit the target group. We have facilitated workshops with diverse groups such as students of architecture on body and space explorations, students of literature on text embodiment, students of sociology on feminist social theory and the body, school students on various subjects from history, geography, maths or literature along with theatre games, awareness, an inner alignment and breath workshop for corporate trainings or teachers.


A workshop offered to advanced students of dance/ theatre exploring tools of improvisation as a practice that allows one to immerse oneself in one’s art. This discipline has been developed over years and draws from Kathak and Contemporary Dance, Hindustani music, voice movement therapy, Navarasa sadhana and a deep study and understanding of poetic texts.

Body, Sound, Space Explorations

- Varied ways of approaching the word  in performance
 - The relevance of words in  different modes of performance 
- A collective inquiry into the phonetic and rhythmic possibilities of words in performance
For children/ adults/ dancers/ actors.

Moving between the lines
DSC_0104.JPG 2015-5-26-16:56:55

A sonic and somatic embodiment of Kabir that offers a meditative inward journey for participants.
Open to all.

Embodiment of Kabir
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