the beej garage

exploring the creative process

building a critical discourse around interdisciplinary arts practice


archiving individual methodologies, approaches and philosophies


bridging the gap between theory and practice


Work in the garage demands a conscious shedding of layers, taking apart to put back together, unlearning, building trust and creating a safe space to explore, dream, discover and/or be.

Facilitators at the beej garage

  • Rama Vaidyanathan : Bharata Natyam and Abhinaya

  • Gita Chadha : Questions on gender, history and non-violence

  • Irawati Karnik : Theatre and playwriting

  • Yuki Ellias : Theatre and mime

  • Neha Kothari : Physiology of movement

  • Kalyani Vrajesh : Folk dance

  • Ankit Chadha : Theatre and voice

  • Preethi Vasudevan : Movement analysis with Laban and Bartnieff principles

  • Shruthi Vishwanath : Voice modulation and singing

  • Avantika Bahl : Contemporary dance and modern dance history 

  • Mandakini Trivedi : Indian dance philosophy 

  • Neha Kudchadkar : Clay art

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